My Beautifiul Delirium {Dandelions}

when I was young every time my brothers and i came across a dandelion {aka “a wish”} we’d pick it from the grass and blow off the seeds. {confession}  i still do this. a little wildflower, so inspiring, a sign of spring – new life. full of childhood memories and novel hopes.

what do dandelions remind you of?

photo by kathleen cavalaro

photo by strelitzia

photo by the yes man

photo by cygnus921

photo by m jorge

photo by mark robinson

random facts about the dandelion:

  •   the name dandelion is taken from the French meaning “tooth of lion.”
  •   dandelion leaves are 15% protein and high in vitamins and minerals {yes you can eat them}!
  •   in eastern medicine dandelion roots are dried and used in strong teas to cleanse the liver

learn more about the dandelion here.

– jennifer elizabeth {the glossy queen}

2 Responses to “My Beautifiul Delirium {Dandelions}”
  1. Would these photos happen to be public domain? Thinking I may find use for one of them.

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