Date With A Pisces

Allow me to introduce @Kwamwei.

He is accommodating, patient, kind, easy-going, intelligent and ambitious. Just as great a listener as he is a talker!

We met at Kiss N’ Grind – back when it took place at MJ Higgins {an art gallery by day and speakeasy by night}. I don’t go to that party anymore {too Hollywood for my taste}, but  in 2007  it was a vividly-electric-underground dance party. Our mutual friend Stacee introduced us. I knew the moment I met him he’d be a part of my life forever. That night was special. We laughed, drank, danced, came up for air and danced some more!

On Saturday he came to visit me at my new place in Long Beach…

Our first stop was Boubouffe, a fairly new Mediterranean restaurant with a vibe reminiscent of a trendy South Beach Hotel. Both of us decided on the beet salad, which was pretty good, but not something I have to have again. After lunch we walked to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Upon entering @Kwamwei declared he wanted everything! Smile, we do love our chocolate! Dunno how we did it, but we each exercised restraint and only walked out with one item each.

The makings of a lovely day

The day continued with a leisurely walk down 2nd street. Passing up all the other shops on the street, we couldn’t pass up a look in Buffalo Exchange.

Ugh, I don’t like going there on Saturdays – it was crazy. Unfortunately I came up empty handed. @Kwamwei on the other hand scored an All Saints sweater for only $26!!! Lucky him! And what’s up with the prices at BE? Have they gone up? It was hard to find anything under $10 bucks {unlike my last visit where I scored 5 items for around $55}.

After our little shopping excursion we held an impromptu photoshoot in a nearby alley. Did I mention what a fashionisto @Kwamwei is!!?!! See for yourself.

chic summery sandals replace the all too ubiquitous flip-flops.

Kwamei's free mane!

a look at his to die for locks!

adding a funky touch, he cocks his belt to the side!

@Kwamwei took some great shots of me too, which you can view here! You may have already figured this out, but we both LOVE taking pictures!!!

Although the sun was on it’s downward descent, we both wanted to hit the beach. We walked a few blocks to the beach closest to my house {the one I NEVER go to}. It ended up being windy and cold and we were surrounded by dogs! Braving the elements for a good 45 minutes, but after that we couldn’t take it anymore. Later I found out the part of the beach we went to was actually a dog park! Oh, duh. Well, I’m new in the neighborhood :]

Ahhhh! I had so much fun just bumming around with my P.N.C. {Partner in Crime}! Next time he comes down, I plan on taking him to some cool vintage shops and a better beach!

jennifer elizabeth {the glossy queen}

One Response to “Date With A Pisces”
  1. Kwamwei says:

    *Tear drop* Such a great chronicle of our excursion!! It was truly, ” a good day.” *Cues Ice Cube, “Today was a good Day.” Only the universe could bless me with such a kind friend to frolic about the town with. In all my uniqueness there’s nothing more endearing than to have a friend who….just gets you! *smile* Not such an alien after all 😉

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