$15 For A Designer Knock-Off! No Thanks, I’ll Buy Indie – Here’s Why

Made in Akron, not Made in China

Have you seen those clothing boutiques that sell EVERYTHING for $15 or less? Here in California they’re popular in beach cities. {i.e. Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, San Diego, etc.} Yesterday while walking down the street I was compelled to stop in one.

They carried some cute items, BUT, I just couldn’t bring myself to do more than look. Even though the price was right, everything else was plain wrong.

Starting off with the merchandising, it was pretty thoughtless. Clothes were crammed onto racks haphazardly placed throughout the sales floor. Although the store itself wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, in a “trendy” kind of way the clothes were. I was actually tempted to try on a few things. But…that was a fleeting feeling. At a glance I could tell the clothing was of low quality. You know the kind of thing you buy, wear once, toss in the wash and it falls apart. Your $15 down the drain.

That’s not such a bargain is it?

Your hard earned money has been wasted – and that SUCKS. But you know what feels worse than that? Realizing, more than likely, you supported a Company with suspect ethical standards.

Just think about it. How in the world can an ample sized store, on a well trafficked, beach city block make a profit selling EVERYTHING for $15? How can you even make such intricate looking pieces for $15?

Slave labor.

You may not want to call it that, but really, let’s face it, that’s what it is. I’ve gotten into the habit of reading the label of everything I buy. More so to find out where it’s made than what it’s made of. And just as I expected EVERYTHING in the store was made in China.

What’s wrong with “Made in China”? {For an extended explanation and visuals watch the documentary below}.

Sweatshops are an unfortunate occurrence everywhere {even in the U.S. of A}. China, Indonesia and Vietnam have a particularly bad rep for employee mistreatment. I’m sure your familiar with the Walmart and Nike controversies. Not to mention shady business practices from other major retailers.

This means many of the cheap goods we buy cost much more than the price we pay in dollars – the human toll.

Fifteen dollars ain’t such a steal when children, working in overcrowded and inhumane factories, are forced to make what I’m wearing. Being an adult in this environment isn’t much better. Of age employees are sometimes victims of beatings, only make 10 – 20 cents per hour and are literally worked to the bone.

Apologies if this is depressing you. It’s hard to stomach isn’t it. Well, imagine what it’s like for the people who are actually experiencing this trauma. I’m sure you’re empathetic, but empathy won’t make the situation better.

What will?

You. Taking action and harnessing your power.

Support independent artists, local manufacturers and educate yourself about the companies you buy from.

Aside from the humanitarian aspect, there are SO many other reasons to buy indie. Here’s a few of my personal favorites:

  • You’re alot less likely to walk into {insert party, event, occasion here} wearing the same thing “that person” is wearing. {Gosh, that’s always so embarrassing}.
  • Whenever you purchase anything you are purchasing the energy it was made with. Don’t you want the things around you to be filled with LOVE and JOY?
  • When you buy local you’re giving back to your local community. Want to know how? Check out this infographic.

By being conscious of who and what your money supports you can make a big difference in people’s lives. For better or for worse. Please, be on team “for better”!

Now it’s time to Promote, Promote, Promote! Tell us who some of your FAVORITE indie retailers/artists/outlets are? Whether it’s the local indie coffee shop on the corner or a photographer with a vision {and heart} like no other! We want to know who you think we should spend our dollars supporting.


One Response to “$15 For A Designer Knock-Off! No Thanks, I’ll Buy Indie – Here’s Why”
  1. Amazing post! I feel affirmed and charged up at the same time. I’m currently in savings mode to buy more of my clothing from indie artists and my favorite local spots are Phoenix and Luna…both are cafes. Phoenix is where I giggle with my good friend on random Saturday or Sunday mornings and Luna is my family spot.

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