Looking Back at Vim Trousseau

Creating a brand is like birthing a child. I know my fellow Artreprenuers get what Iโ€™m sayinโ€™. Growing, feeding and tending to that child is exhausting, exciting, full of anxiety. But mostly itโ€™s fulfilling. Eventually, for one reason or another, you have to let go. Letting go can be tragic, tumultuous, frightening OR liberating. Inspiring … Continue reading

Date With A Pisces

Allow me to introduce @Kwamwei. He is accommodating, patient, kind, easy-going, intelligent and ambitious. Just as great a listener as he is a talker! We met at Kiss N’ Grind – back when it took place at MJ Higgins {an art gallery by day and speakeasy by night}. I don’t go to that party anymore … Continue reading